Choose Your Own Mob Boss and AI’s NYC Bias



Embarking on a creative journey often leads us down paths untraveled, and this project was no exception. My latest endeavor involved delving into the whimsical and often campy aesthetic of 1980s romance movies, a genre replete with its own unique charm and style. The challenge was to see how AI could reinterpret this era, infusing it with a modern sensibility while maintaining its nostalgic essence. This task was not just about recreating a bygone era; it was about breathing new life into it, seeing it through the lens of contemporary technology.

As the AI processed my prompts, incorporating ‘1980s’ and ‘NYC’ into its algorithmic crucible, the results were as intriguing as they were unexpected.

While the AI did present a spectrum of beautiful and captivating images, its interpretation occasionally took a detour into the unconventional. The visuals it conjured included vignettes of couples with notably varied age differences and scenes reminiscent of classic mob films – mob bosses in their quintessential black cars. This deviation was a testament to the AI’s unpredictability and its unique way of connecting disparate elements.

This experience underscored the fascinating, albeit sometimes unpredictable, nature of AI in creative design. While it strayed from the conventional portrayals of 1980s romance, the AI offered a fresh perspective, pushing the boundaries of what could be considered typical for the genre. This exploration was not just about the final imagery but also about understanding the capabilities and limitations of AI as a creative tool. It was a reminder that AI, in its current state, is as much about exploration and discovery as it is about precision and adherence to a given theme. The journey with AI in this project was a blend of the known and the unknown, a dance between the artist’s vision and the machine’s interpretation, leading to a body of work that was both familiar and surprisingly new.