By Lauren Indovina

Indovina [in-do-vi-na] n.

1. A seer or soothsayer; one who divines or foretells.
2. A surname of Sicilian origin, emblematic of artistic and visionary lineage.

In the sun-drenched sea-kissed landscapes of Sicily, a rare, mystical surname emerged. It is said that the Indovinas were akin to a nomadic tribe known for their artistic flair and foresight. As storytellers and creators, they ventured from Sicily’s shores to America, seeking a canvas for their dreams.

It was here that my grandfather laid the cornerstone of Indovina Construction, a venture that would become the seed of our family’s legacy. Yet, it was his sons who would cast the Indovina spirit into the winds of creative entrepreneurship, founding Indovina Associates Architects, which now thrives under the stewardship of a new generation.

I, however, danced to a different tune. Where my family saw structures, I saw stories. My sketches of houses sprouted eyes and stories, a testament to an imagination untethered. The Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) became my crucible, where film and animation became my languages of choice.

My father, an architect of both forms and futures, dreamed in the hues of tomorrow. A visionary, his soul sought out times yet to come, of art and technology intertwining in a dance of possibility. His passing in 2022, the dawn of the Generative AI era, underscored a prophecy fulfilled—he had, indeed, been born a just a little too early.

Carrying the “Indovina” name is to bear a legacy of foresight. In homage to my father and the indelible mark of the Indovinas, I founded the House of Indovina. This experimental studio is my ode to the confluence of art and film, shaped by the emergence AGI. It is a commitment to the future, a beacon for the next chapter of creative exploration.