It would be unwise to speak from a place of authority or expertise on Generative AI.

The tools of this new world are in a state of exploration, advancing towards what AI legendary innovator Ray Kurzweil termed the ‘Singularity’—a future point where technological growth becomes so advanced and accelerated that its outcomes are beyond our current understanding and prediction.

Attempting to categorize the expansive and rapidly evolving field of Generative AI is like trying to capture a raindrop within a storm – an endeavor both futile and limiting, as it disregards the myriad of possibilities each drop represents, not to mention the broader dynamics at play. This moment in time, akin to a storm, is neither good nor bad; it simply is.

A graceful approach for a studio these days means taking steps in various directions and acknowledging that progress isn’t always linear. Sometimes the path is up, sometimes it leads nowhere, and sometimes it leads somewhere beyond any imagination.

Yet, while wandering in a storm is poetic, wandering aimlessly without a map can lead to adverse outcomes. Without proper parameters or boundaries, artists, creators, thought leaders – all those in a pursuit of understanding – are prone toward chaos.

How do we navigate a world of Generative AI, where machines seem to outpace our human capabilities?

We remember that the journey is the destination.

For us, this means grounding ourselves with established principles of art, design, literature, film, and a keen awareness of their histories. We allow these OG foundation models to guide us as we pair them with new perspectives and methodologies.

This openness to exploration, paired with an acknowledgment of our occasional uncertainty, forms the basis of our studio’s philosophy.

To you, our community—whether you’re a collaborator, supporter, or observer—we offer services that blend time-honored skills with forward-thinking openness. Our goal is to contribute something uniquely vibrant and meaningful to the cultural zeitgeist through this fusion of grounded expertise and exploratory artistry.

As we venture through this landscape, we grapple with questions of abundance in a previously scarce world, the presentation of AI-generated art in an era of digital proliferation, and how to maintain a sense of value in art.

The honest truth? We’re still figuring it out, navigating these new waters together, and inviting you to join us in this journey of discovery.

– Lauren and Lan, Founders, House of Indovina