LAUREN INDOVINA, Founder / Director

Indovina is an Emmy-award winning Director, Designer, Artist, and a member of the DGA. With a background in fine art and 20 years in advertising, Indovina’s work is characterized by her unique ability to craft ethereal visuals, spearhead experimental commercial direction and design, and employ a diverse array of techniques that seamlessly blend VFX, art, animation, live action, and branding.

Indovina’s work has gained international acclaim. Her artistic contributions in film, art, and advertising have secured a permanent place in the prestigious motion collection of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), with four of her films earning that distinguished honor. Her sculptures have been exhibited at the Victoria and Albert Museum, her directorial feats include Super Bowl ads, her art has been displayed on Rodeo Drive and Times Square, and she was recognized with the ADC Young Guns “30 under 30” award.

Indovina’s journey started with industry giants Pixar, Disney, and Laika Entertainment. Although she initially pursued a career in feature animation, she serendipitously discovered advertising and motion design. Her work on short-format music videos and advertisements allowed her to rapidly refine her craft as a designer and director. Her career soared when she secured a staff position at the studio Blind in Los Angeles, where she clinched her first Emmy. Blind soon relocated her to lead their newly established NYC office. She later joined the illustrious PSYOP, where she spent a decade as a staff director and designer.

Indovina earned credits as the concept designer for Beyoncé’s film “Black Is King” and animation director for Amazon’s “Utopia”. She has been featured in publications including Computer Arts Magazine, The Emmys Magazine, ADC Global, Autodesk, Creative Review, Motionographer, and Monki Fashion Magazine.

Recently, Indovina directed a Coinbase short, winning the AICP 2023 award for best “Character Design and Animation”. This honor led to her present alongside prominent directors Michel Gondry and Warren Fu.

Indovina is a published author on motion design. In 2024, she will serve as President of the Artificial Intelligence Jury for the ADC 103rd Annual Awards. A RISD honors graduate, she was the recipient of a merit scholarship and earned a BFA in film, animation, and art history.

Indovina is the Founder of House of Indovina, an experimental generative ai creative studio with a mission reflecting her commitment to the AGI-influenced creative culture, and the CCO of Prime Deviation Technologies, focusing on AI collaboration.

LAN LAUCIRICA, Founder / CTO / Creative Director

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