Designing The Gritty Etherealism of a Noir Unicorn Mascot for House of Indovina



As a young artist navigating the vibrant chaos of a day camp, my world was one of boundless creativity and untamed imagination. 

There, among the echoes of children’s laughter and the scent of acrylic paints, I found my calling as a teenage art instructor. The joy was in the creation, in imparting lessons that were not just crafts, but gateways to worlds unexplored. These experiences, stitched together with the oddly nostalgic hues of 1970s craft supplies, became the tapestry upon which I would model my own pedagogy of art.

As summer waned, a gesture of gratitude from the woman I admired—a steward of creativity and champion of the arts—left an indelible mark on my journey. A simple unicorn keychain, plush and whimsical, became a talisman, a recognition of my uniqueness. “You are a unicorn, Lauren,” she had said, “So creative and magical.” This affirmation was more than a compliment; it was a validation of my idiosyncrasies, a beacon for the days when confidence wavered and the path seemed unclear.

In the twilight of branding for House of Indovina, it was this memory that inspired me to explore the motif of the unicorn, but through a lens uncharted. These were not the unicorns of fairy tales; they were creatures of a more sublime nature—gritty and ethereal, cloaked in the mystique of noir. This aesthetic, with its interplay of shadow and light, became an obsession, a visual symphony that resonated with the core of my being.

The unicorn, in its newfound form, became more than a potential mascot; it was a symbol of my artistic essence, a reminder to cherish the magic within and the recognition bestowed upon me. It spoke of roots that run deep and the silent acknowledgment from those who see the brilliance in what we, too often, dismiss as different. In every stroke of noir that graces these ethereal beasts, there is a whisper of that young artist who was seen, who was celebrated, and who continues to wield creativity as a force as indomitable as the mythical creatures she now envisions.