Emo Ink Pantheon: Couples In Love



Great character design is a craft where the sublime meets the ridiculous, a tightrope walk between the outlandishly unique and the intimately relatable.

It’s about mastering the art of proportion contrast, where oversized heads balance on spindly necks, and wide eyes set far apart speak volumes without a word. These are the deliberate imbalances that draw people in, the exaggerated features that become the silent language of character.

"Emo Ink Pantheon, Couples in Love 07" Created using Midjourney v1

As I dove into the design of post-punk apocalyptic characters, early AI became my unexpected accomplice, intuitively grasping my love for the whimsically distorted. The AI sketches were raw yet vibrant with character, each line and color choice laying the foundation for a narrative rich with anarchic spirit. The figures it produced had an innate mischief, a playful chaos that resonated with the ethos of the worlds I wanted to create.

Fleshing out these AI-generated outlines, I found joy in the interplay of my artistic sensibilities with the machine’s unpolished creativity. Even in its nascent form, the AI had a knack for capturing the essence of what makes a character stand out—its ability to invite story and encourage connection. With every detail I added, the characters grew from pencil strokes into beings of their own, ready to step off the page and into the imagination.