Rabbit Holes made of Waves and Rabbits in Holes



There’s an eerie beauty in the stillness of farm animals, especially rabbits, with their expansive, innocent eyes that seem to peer into something beyond what we see in our own world.

This haunting quality, rich in a silent narrative, blends with my deep attraction to the ocean. Its waves, majestic and mighty, inspire a sense of respect.

Using AI, I decided to explore the quiet intensity of rabbits’ stares against and the speed of an ocean wave. ocean waves.

The result is a series of works where waves become metaphors for emotional states, and the animals stand as sentinels to an inner world, a combination that AI interprets with surprising sensitivity. The images are a testament to the technology’s growing capability to not only replicate but also to enhance the emotive power of art, taking what is felt and turning it into something seen.