The Ascent of Ambition and Illustrating the Hero’s Journey in “Heroix” Branding Part 1



In the realm of branding, the power of a visual narrative cannot be understated. It is the silent herald of a brand’s ethos, the beckoning call to its audience.

For the conceptualization of ‘Heroix,’ a narrative-based employment marketplace, the vision was clear – to create otherworldly graphical worlds that encapsulate a character’s journey through the monumental embrace of mountains and the ethereal touch of clouds. My partner’s company, Prime Deviation, sought to weave a tale of individual pursuit and collective benefit, and through ‘Heroix,’ this tale would find its visual counterpart.

"Rabid Dogs in Space 04" Created using Midjourney v2

The images attached for reference served as a beacon for our creative process. They depicted solitary figures against vast, monochromatic landscapes, a stark illustration of scale and solitude. In these compositions, the individual – a hero of their own odyssey – navigated the sublime terrain, a visual metaphor for the professional journeys individuals undertake through ‘Heroix.’ For my partner, the emphasis was on the singularity of purpose and the boundless potential that lay before each user. For me, it was critical that the character, while dwarfed by their surroundings, was not overwhelmed by them. The summit of their journey had to be portrayed as a pinnacle that promised triumph and fulfillment.

Drawing inspiration from these guiding principles and the evocative imagery, we endeavored to strike a balance. The character, a silhouette of resolve, moved through the landscape with a sense of purpose and destiny. The towering mountains and swirling clouds were crafted to be more than mere backdrops; they were participants in the narrative, shaping the journey with their grandeur and mystery. The goal was to ensure that the zenith of each peak felt not just attainable but also deserving of the hero’s quest. Through these visual stories, we aimed to convey that ‘Heroix’ was not merely a marketplace but a crucible for transformation and growth, a place where every user’s journey could find a path to greatness, supported by the collaborative spirit of AI education and employment services. The branding of ‘Heroix’ thus became a mission to illustrate that within its domain, every individual could find their mountain to conquer and their sky to claim.

"Rabid Dogs in Space 09" Created using Midjourney v2
"Rabid Dogs in Space 06" Created using Midjourney v2
Yet, in all my imaginative wanderings, I’ve never envisioned such wildness adrift in the serenity of space—until now. This is the gift of AI in art: the ability to seamlessly journey through the wildest of ideas, to see the fruition of a thought without the toll of laborious execution. I’m not in pursuit of an exhaustive collection of space-bound rabid canines. Instead, I’m savoring the freedom to ask, “What if?” and receive an answer. AI has been my silent partner in this, granting a vision of the bizarre and the beautiful, no questions asked.