Using AI for Abstracting Figurative Form



My journey through the world of figure painting has always gravitated towards abstraction, a passion honed through rigorous training at RISD and Carnegie Mellon.

There, long hours spent mastering the human form taught me the importance of a solid foundation before venturing into abstraction. It’s a delicate balance, finding ways to break the figure yet maintain its allure, a challenge that became evident as my technical skills matured.

Enter AI’s /blend feature, an unexpected ally in this quest. It offered a fresh palette of forms and shapes, sparking ideas that pushed my concepts beyond traditional boundaries. These AI iterations were a revelation, offering new ways to perceive and distort the female form, each more intriguing than the last.

Yet, amidst this digital exploration, the call of the canvas remains strong. The transition from AI-inspired abstractions to tangible oil paintings is the new challenge, a dance between the ease of digital creation and the tactile allure of traditional mediums. In this artistic tug-of-war, the only limit is time, leaving me yearning for endless hours to delve into both realms.