Apocalyptic Titans



The release of Midjourney’s /blend feature marked the beginning of an all-consuming obsession for me. Each night became a venture into this digital alchemy, where the images from my phone’s camera roll transformed into an endless array of possibilities.

This newfound capability was intoxicating, providing a canvas where the extraordinary was not just possible, but expected.

My experiments ranged from the wondrously perfect to the unsettlingly nightmarish. The AI, with minimal prompting, seemed to have a penchant for creating scenes and characters that bordered on the eerie. This natural gravitation towards the macabre in my AI-assisted creations sparked a curiosity about the underlying algorithms and their inherent biases or tendencies.

This exploration with AI took on a deeper meaning, fueling my whimsical theory of an alien race using art and design as a means of communication. The endless possibilities presented by the /blend feature were not just about creating art; they became a narrative of their own, a space where the lines between human creativity and machine learning blurred, leaving me to wonder about the true nature of this technology.