Roosters, Fashion Photography in Midjourney V4



Diving into this fashion photography project with AI, I tapped into my Sicilian farming heritage and my quirky love for roosters. The aim? To create something weirdly wonderful – fashion shots with these feathery models.

Using Midjourney’s new /blend feature, it felt like I was cooking up some magic potion. The result? Roosters that looked part real, part fantastical – think creatures from a ‘Labyrinth’ sequel, but make it fashion.

This mash-up of high fashion and farmyard vibes wasn’t just fun, it was a revelation of AI’s power. It’s one thing to dream up such an odd combo, but to see it come to life with such ease – that’s the real kicker. These AI-generated images had a vibe that was out there, yet somehow right on the money.

The project also let me play around with those dreamy, lo-fi cameras – the kind your grandparents used. Sure, it’s all virtual, but the level of detail in these shots? Unreal. It’s like having a fantasy camera crew at my fingertips, making my wildest, feathery fashion dreams a reality.