What a name.

Bosch Revived and The AI Garden of Earthly Delights



I have always been a fan of the work of Hieronymus Bosch, if only for his name. For someone born in the year 1450, his work still, in the year 2023, feels incredibly modern and contemporary.

In an AI homage to Hieronymus Bosch, the algorithm seems to channel the painter’s affinity for the bizarre, creating a digital tableau that resonates with the same eerie allure of his medieval visions. The AI’s penchant for otherworldly aesthetics lends itself masterfully to Bosch’s universe, introducing new, alien-like entities to his iconic lexicon of the macabre and the damned.

The depth and complexity of color that AI brings to these scenes mimic Bosch’s own meticulous palettes, but with a modern twist that breathes new life into each frame. It’s the sophisticated color schemes that I’ve always found elusive, now realized with an algorithmic touch—balanced, vibrant, yet never overwhelming.

As I ponder the animation of these AI-generated landscapes, I see a personal project taking shape, one that would bring movement to Bosch’s static scenes. This fusion of AI’s rapid conceptualization with my narrative vision could transform these hellish depictions into a dynamic experience, ripe for the digital age.