What a name.

More Punks, But Real-er



The evolution of AI in interpreting my art brings me to a crossroads between the abstract and the hyper-detailed. The latest output is polished, each punk aesthetic element—heavy eyeliner, scars, tattoos—rendered with a clarity that borders on the photographic. This fidelity to detail is seductive, but it makes me nostalgic for the abstraction, the less refined edges that leave more to the imagination.

I find myself thinking about the subjective nature of taste in art. What draws one to the minimalism of a Pollack, while another finds solace in the intricate details of a Giger? It’s a meditation on what constitutes timelessness in art, what universal chords resonate across diverse audiences.

These reflections on taste, detail, and timelessness are integral to my creative ethos. They guide me as I navigate the balance between creating art that’s accessible like ‘Star Wars’—universally beloved, almost archetypal—and art that challenges, pushes boundaries, and dares the audience to find beauty in the chaos.