The Wise Scientist: Envisioning AI’s Future in ‘Oscar’



In the the fall of 2022, I wrote a poem with ChatGPT (it was brand spanking new then, but still very powerful) featuring a narrator named “Oscar,” aptly named for Play.HT’s AI “Oscar” voice.

In the poem, inspired by how I felt AI was like a Tsunami of change we should embrace and be ready for, AI is not a distant dream but a present ally, and our protagonist, the scientist, is its herald. His character design, adorned with tribal tattoos, is a rich tapestry of his life’s work and visions of the future. These tattoos, akin to QR codes, are not just marks of identity but emblems of a world where technology and tradition merge seamlessly.

The scientist’s backstory, hinted at through his war-time birth, informs his drive toward futuristic endeavors, a character arc symbolizing hope and ambition. His design is a narrative device in itself, reflecting a lifetime of embracing change and advocating for AI’s potential.

This character’s realization through AI tools underscores the power of collaborative creativity. It’s a synergy of man’s foresight and machine’s execution, capturing the essence of “Oscar” in a single, compelling image, paving the way for manifold creative pursuits.