4th Dimention Time and Without Human Insecurity: AI’s Otherworldly Ability to create visuals that are impossibly random yet emotional



One of the early AI’s most intriguing qualities was its readiness to attempt anything—its capacity for unbridled, abstract originality. This trait shone through when a straightforward prompt unexpectedly took a wild turn. The task seemed simple: A hyper-realistic pencil drawing of lions fighting amid flags. Yet, the result was far from what I expected. The AI delivered a piece that could only be described as a fledgling art student’s dream, brimming with raw, unfiltered imagination.

As an artist, I recognize that creating such a piece traditionally requires not just skill but immense courage. It’s not a question of ability, but rather of audacity—the courage to step beyond the familiar, to study and reimagine the ferocity of lions in battle from every conceivable angle.

"American Lions 04" Created with Midjourny v2
"American Lions 03" Created with Midjourny v2
"American Lions 08" Created with Midjourny v2

Yes, it’s a transformer model with a dataset and parameters, but there is also something the computer scientists could not have predicted and that is… courage to go into the unknown with very little prompting.

But perhaps the real challenge lies in crafting compositions that are both chaotically random and deeply moving. It’s a rare talent, hindered by our inclination towards balance and proportion. To truly create organically, one must liberate their mind from the shackles of convention.

This is where AI excels, unencumbered by the self-doubt that often shadows artistic endeavor. With mechanical objectivity, it can produce work that is innovative, rapid, and thrilling. AI’s uninhibited creativity is a testament to the power of an unconditioned artistic mind—a vista of potential that human artists can learn from and aspire to.