An Ode to Alexander (Lee) McQueen (Candle Masks)



Be still my creative heart. 

As a really young kid, I always loved masks. I don’t know why. I never wore masks. They were not part of some tradition. I just thought they were cool. Masks and headdresses.

Why we don’t as a culture wear more headdresses is beyond me. It’s likely because they are heavy and unessesary, and since covid, we’ve all adapted more or less to a sweatpants loving culture. Headdresses sound like the ultimate mode of discomfort.

But artistically! Why have I never thought about candle headdresses? Yes, impractical, but beautiful! It could be a turning point in fashion. Instead of models strutting themselves in high poise, they are risking it all, walking the runway with small patches of beautiful candle-like fire atop their brains. It’s iconic and odd.

I also just love the rendering of this early ai face sculpture. It’s appalling and captivating.