An Ode to Alexander (Lee) McQueen (Chicken Fashion)



When I lived in Soho in NYC, there was a store called “All Saints” on broadway I used to love. I mostly loved it because when you entered it, it had a really off rustic feeling, and the walls were adorned with old fashioned sewing machines. I just thought this branding felt super fresh at the time.

Another part of their clothes I loved was the similarity it had to the work of Alexander McQueen (but more affordable, sort of). They often experimented with bird motifs, mostly more dynamic and dark birds like crows, but birds all the same.

I decided to explore this and see what would happen if I used an unglamorous but dramatic creature as a print – chickens. What I really didn’t expect was the odd use of symmetry and character design the AI introduced, with each different pairing of bird almost having a certain relationship with one another.

Another great thing – early AI gave 0 fucks about proportions, so we were left with really interesting eye shapes and feather features.