House of Indovina: Branding Exercise with Owls



House of Indovina aims to be more than a creative studio; Our hope is that is models itself on the cross between fine art, film, and generative AI artistry, deeply rooted in my family’s heritage.

‘Indovina,’ means seer or soothsayer and Indovinare  actually means “Guess” in Italian. It’s an uncommon family name, and you’re at a restaurant in Italy, they ask your name, and you say “Indovina”, you’re basically telling them to “guess” your name.

Often times my father and I would say how we felt the name suited us as we both often felt dazzled by a strange sense of spiritual sensibility… A slight ability to lean into our instincts and predict a future outcome.

To pay homage to our name, my father’s foresight and his profound connection to the snow owl, a symbol of wisdom that now steers the studio’s mission.

The studio embarks on a journey to harmonize the art of storytelling with the precision of AI, where every creation is a tribute to the past and a step towards the future. The tulip, a symbol of my personal growth and my father’s love, inspires the studio’s aesthetic—a blend of emotional depth, atmospheric chiaroscuro, and the warm embrace of nostalgia.

As we craft our narrative, House of Indovina stands firm in its commitment to excellence, where art meets machine, passion meets craft, and every output is a reflection of a storied legacy. The brand is a canvas, capturing the essence of mastery and the unwavering quest for extraordinary expression in the age of AI.